What is Shattered Earth about?

Shattered Earth is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year XXXX, where the civilized society we live in is no more.
You play controlling the protagonists in your quest to restore humanity and protect it from a mysterious enemy and their wish to end the world in its entirety. In your adventures, you'll meet a lot of people, friends, and foes, on your way to finding the 8 sacred temples and gaining their wisdom and power.

And what is it?

Shattered Earth is an RPG, mainly inspired by similar RPGs from Japan released during the late 90s.
The game's purpose is to bring this classic experience, incorporating modern storytelling and game design that makes these games obsolete by today's standards, such as the "mom that just stays there and doesn't stop their child when they're about to go on a dangerous adventure", sluggish and complicated menus, obnoxious constant random encounters every 2 pixels, etc.
The game is designed for everyone, from the people that dislike RPGs, to the biggest fans of the genre.
Even your grandma can play this game!

Is this a fangame of [insert name here]?

No, it isn't. Or at least a fangame of just one game.
Shattered Earth is a love letter to classics from the golden days of the JRPGs in general, and even incorporates mechanics from games outside of this genre, such as platformers or… …dating simulators?

When will the game come out?

Since the scope of the game keeps changing and there are some other aspects that I cannot control, the release date is not concrete.
However, a demo will be released in the near future!
In development, quality is more important than time.

Where can I try it?

Shattered Earth is planned to release on Steam and Itch.io for computers supporting Windows 10 and up.
This version should also work with Windows 7 and XP, but it is not guaranteed that it will fully work.
An Android port is possible, but it is also uncertain if it will fully work.
Mac and Linux ports are also expected, but since I don't own computers with any of those operating systems, I cannot test them.
This is not a game intended for old consoles, so an emulator is not needed unless your OS does not support Windows .exe files.

Will there be gamepad support?

XInput-compatible controllers (such as Xbox 360 controllers) are fully supported.
DirectInput controllers and other examples (such as a Wiimote) are not supported as of now. XInput emulators might work but they're 3rd-party software.
The game is also playable with just the keyboard.

Will it run on my potato PC or do I need a NASA machine to run this?

As of right now, it runs perfectly fine with 16 GB of RAM, but it is recommended to close resource-consuming resources such as your web browser or other games.
I also recommend closing the game and taking breaks from time to time, to let your PC relax for a bit and clear data from RAM (and also to relax your eyes and take water! hydrate!).

Can you port Shattered Earth to SNES/PS1/Wii/DS or something like that?

No, since those consoles have a different architecture compared to Windows machines.

Will the game be free?

The full release won't be, but the demo will be 100% free.

Where can I support you?

There are no plans of something like a Patreon or a Kickstarter for the near future.
In the meantime, you can also follow the progress of the game on Twitterand Discord.
Feedback is appreciated!

What software do you use?

Code - Game Maker Studio 2.3, Brackets, Git, and Notepad?
Writing - Google Docs and Notepad.
Graphics - Aseprite.
Music - FL Studio, SNES Tracker, SPC Debugger, VGMTrans, 0cc FamiTracker, FamiStudio, Deflemask, and many MANY others.
Procrastination - Steam :P
Disclaimer: I rarely procrastinate and this should be taken as a joke.

Who's developing this?

Hello there! You might know me online as MaryStrawberry and I'm the developer of Shattered Earth!
And yup! I'm the only one working on this! Impressive right?

Fav games?

Celeste, Mother 3, Chrono Trigger, and Minecraft!

Are you crazy?

Yeah probably :)

Ooooh look! a secret!!