Shattered Earth follows the adventure of two friends and their quest to save a post-nuclear Arladia from a mysterious menace that seeks to destroy what's left of it.
Animals going crazy, inanimate objects coming to life, strange lights in the middle of the night, what is happening?
Will Nick and Nat find a way to give the planet another chance to flourish?

Shattered Earth is a game inspired by JRPGs from the late 90s, the golden era of JRPGs, but with modern game design and a new coat of paint to create the magnum opus of the genre.
This is a game designed for both JRPG-lovers and people who don't know where the left shoulder button is.

The game is still currently in development, but worry not! A demo is coming soon!
It's going to be released for Windows 10 compatible machines. MacOS and Linux releases are also planned.